Explore crystals, high frequency recipes, essential oils all aimed to heal your 7 chakras

+ Explore crystals, high frequency recipes, essential oils all aimed to heal your 7 chakras

+ Understand the energy that radiates from each of your chakras

+ Tap into your creative bliss and confidence

+ Awaken shakti; your inner feminine divine goddess

+ Journal and meditate your way to healing


We’re beyond ecstatic for the pull that lead you here to begin your chakra healing journey. In this guide, you’ll discover healing chakra crystals, essential oils, and high frequency foods that will aid in triggering your feminine divine awakening. The feminine divine awakening is the deeply rooted loving energy that you hold within. It is ever flowing and expanding as you open to your spiritual practice. In order to truly activate this soul connection, you must open the 7 energy meridians along your body called, Chakras. In this guide book, you’ll begin with your Root Chakra; the most primal and earthly side of your feminine energy and move up through all your chakras eventually reaching your Crown Chakra which will expand your psychic and intuitive abilities. Each one of your chakras holds a specific energy and can be activated through these high frequency methods which are explained throughout this guide. Once your chakra system is in harmony is when you can truly ask and receive soul guidance on life's biggest questions; Why am I here? What is my purpose? What are my passions and desires? At that time, you’ll open your ability to manifest, divine creativity, and abundantly receive without fear or blocks. You become the highest version of yourself. Between the three of us, we’re committed to the rise of your feminine divine energy and chakra awakening. Enjoy this chakra guide book and be sure to connect with your fellow soul sisters from all over the globe inside the Rising She Tribe



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